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Due to rapid industrialization and population growth the demand for water has been increased sharply but the availability of desired quality and quantity of water for diverse uses becoming scare. Thus it has been a difficult challenge to conserve water by maximum recycling and thereby treating.

Aqua Tech is manufacturing & marketing a comprehensive range of engineered & highly specialized most economical products for the water, process & fuel application, which helps the customers to reduce down their operating cost and boost up productivity by reducing water & energy usage.


Reverse Osmosis Additive

RO System if untreated cause several problems like inorganic, organic, colloidal and bio fouling resulting in reduced... Read More


Descaling/Cleaning Practise

Descaling/Chemical cleaning is more effective as the removal of inorganic and organic foulants from process lines... Read More


Boiler Water Treatment

The treatment of water for steam generation is one of the most significant branches of water chemistry... Read More


Fuel Additive / Fireside

Aquafloc fuel additives/fireside is designed keeping in mind typical fuel oil related problems and overall improvement... Read More


Cooling Water Treatment

The Primary objective of cooling water treatment is to facilitate easy heat rejection and minimize water consumption... Read More


Sugar Processing Chemicals

Aqua Tech offers a range of speciality sugar chemicals. Our range includes and inorganic anti-scalents, biocides... Read More


Aqua Tech Continuously strivers to upgrade the quality of its products by providing superior products in its category to the customer, Aqua Tech continuously striving for synergy between the quality, economy, safety and environmental objective thereby creates a healthy corporate culture.

Material safety data sheet (MSDS)/Test Report Provided along with each supply. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Aqua Tech has its own modern in-house R&D facility and the team of qualified & experienced research engineers, dedicated towards constantly developing newer products standard coming of par from the international horizon. Our R&D deportment will provide quarterly water/fuel bulletin on latest topics & complex problems to our valued customers.

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